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I am Vladimir and this is my online forum to share experiences, lessons and learning about business software systems, including Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), Social CRM, Marketing & Lead Management Systems, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.


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Why Implement Customer Relationship Management Now?

A Combination of Cost Efficiencies and Revenue Enhancements

Is Customer Relationship Management software a value for those who choose to implement it - or a bedrock business software system that no company can do without?

Despite the technology media perception that nearly every company has a CRM software system, as it essential and part of the cost of doing business, a deeper dive reveals that many companies have not adopted CRM software — and even those that have often consider the effort unsuccessful. So, for those taking a wait and see approach, why adopt CRM and why do it now? Here are the simple answers.

Why CRM? CRM software, when combined with business strategy, is proven to grow revenues, reduce customer service costs, grow customer loyalty, lower customer churn and enable the company to better implement go-to-market business growth initiatives.

Why Now? Because in competitive markets those who wait are sidelined by those who act. The benefits of customer relationship management software and strategy are difficult to achieve, but offer proven benefits for those who persevere. Here are a few more considerations.

  • The Economic Environment: There's no shortage of media talking about the economy and its negative impact on businesses. CRM software can clearly achieve efficiencies that both cut costs and grow revenues.

  • Cost: Some executives falsely believe they can't afford quality CRM applications. That's no longer true. CRM is no longer for the big companies and the playing field has leveled so that any size company can acquire CRM automation and provide the best service to customers. SaaS CRM solutions can be found for as low as $20 per user per month. Open source CRM solutions can be freely downloaded.

  • Reach: The Web and online business models have dramatically increased target market reach for Web savvy businesses. Many CRM systems offer integrated e-commerce, customer self service portals and other business process and collaboration tools.

  • Ease of Deployment: With Software as a Service CRM, securely hosted in the Cloud, you can start using CRM today without hiring a full-time IT person or consultant. With hosted CRM you don't have to worry about software or hardware purchases, installation, maintenance, upgrades, backups and disaster recovery because online vendors include these features as part of the software subscription.

As Winston Churchill put it so well, "If you mean to profit, learn to please". Learning to consistently please customers requires the right strategy, business processes and automation tools. To see what's available, just begin with a Google search of "Online CRM" or "CRM Software Reviews" or something similar and start looking at the many CRM solutions available to take your business to the next level. | CRM Software, ERP Software & Technology Blog